Dangers of Life at Sea

The life of a sailor is composed of the excitement of exploration, its fun and duties, but also from the associate dangers. They can be of different nature, but they are either cause by the weather, crew members being washed overboard, coreyarnoldfwbs-10fire or injury. All these dangers can be kept under control, with a little attention and the rigorous instructing all the sailors have to pass before hopping on board.

The safety of the sailors and the crew on board is the highest priority. Before being assigned to different mission, all the sailors are trained to survive in harsh conditions that might be generated by different accidents. All the sailors are checked for good health conditions, the ability to swim and float in the sea water. The second stage training consists of being able to handle a canoe in severe weather conditions. Each canoe is equipped with a minimal survival kit. The requisite includes fire extinguishers, life jackets, water pumps, harnesses and nets, radio equipment and the equipment to locate and communicate the position of the canoe via GPS.

Because each sailor that leaves in a mission has to return home safely, different governments around the world and the Polynesian Voyaging Society have settled down a set of safety and emergency procedures. It has eight chapters that describe in detail all the dangers and emergency procedures that a sailor might face at sea. Each thick chapter is a mandatory lecture for all the sailors, because it not only contains the steps and procedures that have to be followed under certain circumstances, but also different means to prevent and avoid the risk of danger and emergency.

Even all eight chapters treat equally all the accidents that might happen at sea, the most potential damage faced at sea are the high winds, that might break, spar, boom or mast the vessel.

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