There is a way to make a living out of the sailing, for the enthusiasts of this profession. The position can be in the Navy Division that belongs to a certain country.

Most of the people working for this division are away for expeditions that may extend to several months. These people want to make a difference in the world, serve their countries and become the heroes they always dreamed to be. Of course, the practical skills are demanding for this profession. It is about being in shape, as the tests require passing a 1.5 mile running test, doing a certain number of sits-ups and push-ups, among other physicals.

The jobs of sailors diversify with the set of skills they have, which spreads them to different departments. There are two main branches: the upper deck and the mechanics. The upper deck is in charge with the leading and internal organization on the vessel, while the mechanical department is in charge with the good functioning of the mechanism that drives the vessel out to sea.

Right after joining the navy, each individual will be given certain options that work hand in hand with its qualifications and talents, which are usually revealed after an initial test. It might reveal talents in meteorology, fire control or radar division. After six years spent on the initial position, the sailor will pass through a process of job relocation.

One of the best parts of this job is that the sailor travels a lot with the vessel, in exotic places such as Australia, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore and many more countries. It is of course, not a pleasure cruise, but the free time and the colleagues’ companionship make it worthwhile. This also demands for a little sacrifice in the family life balance, but some manage to have wives and children, even with this job. Luckily, the latest technological advances allow for this people to be virtually always present in the life of their families, thanks to the internet connections and the phone lines available on the vessels they are serving on.